Feb 10th, 2016

Take this on with a grain of salt: the HTC One M10 might not be the HTC One M10 when it launches, or so says Portuguese website 4GNews. The outlet — who reliably obtained information about HTC products in the past — suggests the company is looking to take a slightly different approach to branding.

An exact name wasn’t given, but HTC will supposedly stick to the “One” moniker while going with a different suffix than their usual number + letter combo. It could be the HTC One PleaseDon’tDisappoint, for all we know.

But a name is just a name — there was more important information to be had. The outlet also threw out an April 11th launch date for the device. HTC has long been fond of April for their annual flagship launches so we wouldn’t have any reason to guess they’d change course. Let’s not put too much faith in this rumor, though, as anything could change at any time.

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