Official Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge accessories might include battery and keyboard cases


Samsung is sure to have a wealth of accessories available for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge once they’re finally available. We’re expecting the usual suspects such as S View flip covers, glitter cases and so on, but what about some of the quirkier options?

New reports suggest Samsung is looking to bring back the keyboard case this year.

Samsung Keyboard Case S6 Edge Plus Note 5

Yes, this thing was as ugly as sin on the Galaxy S6 Edge+, but it did offer some nice utility for those who haven’t yet managed to cope with software keyboards. It’s our hope that Samsung has found a way to make the keyboard case sleeker and slimmer, but at the end of the day you’ll probably still buy one if having a physical pad is that important.

Samsung is also said to be cooking up a battery case. The case would provide as much as 2,700mAh, which comes just shy of the device’s supposed internal pack of 3,000mAh. That duo should provide more than enough juice to make it through a day, or maybe even 2.

That said, there’s both good news and bad news regarding the price of this thing. The bad? Its supposed cost is $100, which might have been acceptable a few years ago when battery cases were still awe-worthy, but not so much now. The good news is that the case will be packaged with a wireless charging pad, so it’ll be a nice addition if you didn’t already have one or if you want one for the office.

We’re just 2 weeks out from Samsung’s big showing in Barcelona. We know a lot already, but it’ll be worth tuning in regardless to see if Samsung has any other tricks up their sleeve that they’re careful enough to hide.

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