Deal: Get a brand new Nexus 5X for only $280 on eBay


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It feels like every week we’re watching the price of the Nexus 5X drop every so slightly, inching every closer to a price we’re starting to feel comfortable with. Today, eBay selling yapper_wireless (who holds a 98.8% positive feedback rating, by the way) is offering a brand new Nexus 5X for only $280, that’s about $20-off the normal asking price for the device. Keep in mind this is only for the 16GB model and right now, only the black and white versions are available.

Buy on eBay: Nexus 5X (16GB) $280

With the latest round of Nexus devices not selling quite as well as Google had hoped, rumors have begun to swirl that Google may soon seize total control over their Nexus line. This would allow them to control pricing a little better, cut out the middle man, and directly compete with Apple and the iPhone. Something tells us we’ll see further price drops (especially the overpriced Nexus 5X) continue.

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