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Android Marshmallow is on very few devices, but that hasn’t stopped the rumors about the next big Android release. We don’t even know the official name or version number for Android N yet. We may know very little about Android N, but that doesn’t mean Google hasn’t started working on it. Manufacturers are usually the first ones to get their hands on a new version of Android. New details about Android N have come from one such manufacturer.

Samsung may have revealed that Android N will include better stylus support. Obviously, stylus support is near and dear to Samsung’s heart. They’ve implemented their own great stylus software in the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and other Note devices. Samsung has listed quite a few S Pen features as “deprecated in N” on their developer page. This could mean the features are no longer needed because Android N can do them by default.

  • Edge
    • Edge Single Mode
    • Edge Single Plus Mode
    • Edge Feeds Mode
    • Edge Immersive Mode (will be deprecated in N)
  • S-Pen
    • AirButton (will be deprecated in N)
    • SmartClip (will be deprecated in N)
    • WritingBuddy (will be deprecated in N)
    • PointerIcon

In the past, we’ve seen manufacturers “deprecate” features when Google incorporates them in stock Android. The deprecated features seem to be about the physical features of a stylus, not the software. Actions like pressing a button on a stylus. That leads us to believe that Android N could have the ability to do more with stylus’. What do you think about this speculation?

[via XDA]

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