This awesome Android-powered mirror is straight out of the future


You’re probably sick of hearing about the “Internet of Things.” “Smart” devices are all the rage these days. At CES, we saw everything from smart mattresses to a smart ceiling fan. However, most of these devices aren’t actually that smart. They simply send information to a more capable device. A Google software engineer has built a truly smart device that you’ll want.

Max Braun has built an Android-powered mirror for his bathroom. The mirror displays Google Now cards in a way that you’d expect to see in Star Trek. It can show the time, current temperature, weather forecast, and news headlines. The information is displayed almost magically on the mirror. How did he do it?

The mirror is actually a two-way mirror with 15-inch LED monitor behind it. He uses an Amazon Fire TV stick and a custom Android APK to run the UI. The content on the display is from some simple Android APIs, forecast.io, and the Associated Press. Eventually, he plans to get any type of Google Now card to display on the mirror, such as traffic and reminders.

Check out the full build post on Medium. This is the type of smart device we’d love to have in our homes.

android mirror

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