Feb 1st, 2016 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 1:27 pm

The Moto X Force’s launch in India today urged one techie in the country to put Motorola’s “shatterproof” claims to the test. It wasn’t a 10-foot drop test, or even a 100-foot affair. This guy took the device up to 1,000 feet thanks to a paraglide and tossed it down to earth.

Moto X Force hero

The results are in the video above, but here’s the spoiler if you can’t watch it right now: it survived. The stuntman said he noticed not even a scratch on the display following the drop, or anywhere on the device for that matter. That’s impressive.

You might note that he dropped it into a dirt or grass field, which may soften the impact and doesn’t leave a lot of opportunity for scratches. But a 1,000-foot drop is a 1,000-foot drop, and the force (no pun intended) it hit the ground with still had to be pretty massive. That it came out unscathed is a true testament to its durability. Watch the video above. He also mentioned that the ground was pretty tough despite its looks:

Where we were flying this , there was no flat concrete floor , the surface was packed dirt, tight enough for a takeoff and not as soft as it seems and definitely not sand or mud! The falling speed of the thrown phone is somewhere between 280-360 kmph, and where the phone fell the ground was tough.

That enough to convince you? If not, then take a look at the video above and see how you feel about it yourself.

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