Google Search is making it easy to follow along with election candidates and results


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If you’ve been avoiding coverage of the upcoming Presidential Election so far, it’s about to become even harder to ignore. The 2016 primary season has officialy kicked off in Iowa today. Google is doing its best to make sure we’re all informed about the candidates. Starting today, Google search results will show much more information about the presidential candidates.

Google wants to help people find out about the candidates stances on numerous important topics. You can search for things like “Bernie Sanders on taxes” and see what he says about taxes. Or do a broader search like “Hillary Clinton issue stances” to get a rundown on the various topics. These stances are what ultimately decide how a person will vote, so it’s nice to see Google make the information so easy to access.

Google is also making it easy to track the results. When you do a search for “primary results” you’ll see who is leading the primaries right now. When the presidential election is happening, you’ll be able to see results for that as well. Basically, if you have a question about the election, just ask Google!

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