Google is officially more valuable than Apple


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Today is earnings day at Alphabet, the parent company for Google. The biggest news to come out so far will mean the most to diehard Android fans. Google has passed Apple as the most valuable company in the world.

This is actually not the first time Google has been more valuable than Apple. Back in early 2010, Google was more valuable. This was before the first iPad and when the iPhone 3GS was on the market. At that time, both companies were worth less than $200 billion. Table scraps compared to today’s numbers. Alphabet’s market cap is at a whopping $570 billion while Apple is at $535 billion.

This news is even more impressive when you consider that Google was behind Apple by over $400 billion just a few years ago. The iPhone took Apple on a historic skyrocket, but now it’s coming back to hurt them. Relying so heavily on one product is not great for the long term. Google, on the other hand, has its hands in everything from A-Z.

[via CNBC]

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