Android Pay could be coming to your ATMs later this year


It isn’t enough to be able to pay for goods at the store using your phone — banks want you using your phone to grab quick cash from the ATM, too. TechCrunch and Wired are reporting that Android Pay (and Apple Pay) support is being readied for ATMs of several major banks, including Chase, Bank of America and Wells Fargo.

chase atm

The ATMs will naturally use NFC as the standard technology. It wasn’t so hard to slip a card into a slot and punch in 4 numbers, but if the goal is to truly ditch plastic cards then mobile payment processing has to be in practically everything.

Of course, that probably won’t happen for a long time. A Chase spokesperson said “this doesn’t replace the debit card. It’s just giving customers a more convenient choice in case they don’t have their debit card on them.”

The functionality is said to be on the way as soon as this year thanks to Chase’s haste. The others surely won’t be far behind.


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