Jan 28th, 2016

T-Mobile Binge On

T-Mobile’s wildly controversial Binge On service is getting a couple of new features today. If you’re unfamiliar with the service, Binge On allows T-Mobile customers to watch streaming content from certain providers without counting towards their data plans. T-Mobile claims to be “optimizing” the video for this to all work, but in reality they are simply throttling video streams down to 480p. A lot of people are upset about this.

In response to the complaints, T-Mobile has made it easier to disable Binge On. You can now open the phone dialer and type #BOF# and hit send. You can check to see if it’s on or off with the code #BNG#, and enable it with the code #BON#. This is much easier than the previous process, which was making the entire situation even worse.

If you still want to use Binge On, T-Mobile added a few more video services today. Amazon Instant Video, WWE Network, Fox News, and UNivsison are all part of Binge One. There are now over 40 streaming services included in Binge On. You can find the full list of services here. What do you think of the Binge On situation? Do you have it enabled or disable?

[via T-Mobile]

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