Oppo is planning to introduce “breakthrough” power technology at their Mobile World Congress event


Oppo seems to have something big planned for their showing at Mobile World Congress this year. The company has been teasing their big moment on stage, and they’ve dropped some interesting nuggets to look forward to.

oppo mwc event

Their invitation to the media suggests the company is ready to a big breakthrough in their next mobile phone. Not only are they touting “unprecedented smartphone camera innovation,” they’re also looking to wow us on the front of power.

It’s no secret by now that we’re in great need of some inroads to better battery technology, and companies are hammering away at the issue as we speak. If Oppo somehow manages to claim the first consumer-ready innovation that could change the landscape of mobile then they’ll have a huge talking point up against the big boys like Samsung and LG.

Oppo might not be the biggest player in the game right now, but like their neighbors in China known as  Huawei they have been on a fast rise to stardom. If they have a game-changing element to introduce in their latest smartphone at Mobile World Congress then they, too, could start thinking about global aspirations.

[via PocketNow]

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