South Park, Family Guy, and more animated TV favorites reimagined in Zen Pinball on NVIDIA SHIELD


From sharp satire to the most over-the-top gags, Zen Pinball on NVIDIA SHIELD is a must-play experience for fans of the best cartoons out there. With tables based on everything from South Park to Family Guy, these games are bursting with jokes, voices, sound effects and music from some of today’s brightest comedy minds.

Add the most sophisticated ball physics ever in Zen Pinball, detailed 3D tables that combine physical reality with animated wonders, and the advanced visuals of NVIDIA SHIELD and you have a great experience for pinball lovers.

Zen Pinball is available now on SHIELD as a free download with a large variety of pinball tables based on popular franchises available as in-game purchases.

These tables offer sophisticated social elements, online rankings, unique achievements, stats, and hotseat multiplayer, too. Here are the best animated TV show based tables worth checking out on NVIDIA SHIELD.

American Dad


What Is It?
Arch-Republican Stan Smith is an all-American CIA man with a ditzy blonde wife, nerdy son and a hippy daughter. Oh, and an alien living in the loft. As a Seth MacFarlane creation, the edgy, dysfunctional humor will be familiar to Family Guy fans.

What pinball offers:
Set at the Smith house, in Roger’s Place (transported to the garage) and the Fun ’N’ Gun range, the game incorporates the infamous Threat Level that CIA-man Stan’s so obsessed with – and manipulating it affects how the game plays.



What is it?
Sterling Archer is a super-suave, Bond-like spy and a terrible person. He works for his rich, emotionally distant mother alongside some very strange, screwed up people…

What pinball offers:
Archer Pinball features authentic voices, music and classic lines from the show, multiple mini playfields, and unique progression and achievement systems.

Family Guy


What is it?
In Family Guy, Peter Griffin and his family – Chris, Meg, Brian the talking dog and Stewie the baby and Mum Lois – live together in Quahog, Rhode Island, resulting in numerous hilarious situations and unforgettable episodes.

What pinball offers:
It’s stuffed with great characters (as is the show), so Family Guy Pinball has you helping Peter fight the Giant Chicken, getting Chris to catch the Evil Monkey, and saving Stewie’s beloved teddy Rupert. It’s also crammed with authentic jokes, voices and sounds from the show.

Bob’s Burgers


What is it?
Bob and Linda Belcher run a burger restaurant next to a funeral home – and opposite the rival Jimmy Pesto’s Pizzeria – with kids Tina, Gene and the precocious Louise.

What pinball offers:
This table features an innovative day-night cycle where the shop closes and home life begins, plus more than 15 modes based on real episodes. Locations include the Wonder Wharf amusement park, the Taffy Factory and Ocean Avenue itself.

South Park


What is it?
Four kids – Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny – live in South Park, Colorado, and while their adventures are regularly derided as crude, they’re often clever, satirical and surreal too.

What pinball offers:
With a choice of two – Super-Sweet Pinball and Butters’ Very Own Pinball Game – these bespoke pinball creations offer plenty. Characters include Chef, Timmy, Terrance and Phillip, Mr. Hankey, and ManBearPig.

Check out Zen Pinball’s diverse selection of great virtual pinball games now on NVIDIA SHIELD.


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