Robinhood brings stock trading to your wrist in latest update


AndroidWear Robinhood

Robinhood has received steady updates since it was downloaded 50,000 times on the first day. This beautiful app allows you to trade stocks for free. Today, Robinhood has updated the app to support Android Wear devices. You can now track your stocks without even pulling your phone out of your pocket. What a time to be alive.

The Wear interface allows you to see portfolio performance and your entire watchlist. Tapping on a stock will show more information about performance. Robinhood has also enhanced the way notifications look on Android Wear. If you’re interested at all in trading stocks, Robinhood is a great new way to get started. It’s free, works on nearly every platform, and is very easy to use. We included it as one of the 100 Best Android Apps. Check it out below.

Download: Robinhood

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