HTC One M10 might look just like the HTC One A9


We’ve heard very interesting things about the HTC One M10 in the early going. One of the rumors was that HTC would be looking to go with a completely different design than what we’ve seen from the M lineup, something that joyed the horde of folks who didn’t like the fact that the HTC One M9 looked nearly identical to the HTC One M8.

HTC-One-A9 (8)

But according to @evleaks, that completely different design might be closer to something we’ve already seen before, as he notes that folks who like the A9 will LOVE the M10. We can only assume that means the HTC One M10 is a super powerful version of the mid-range darling HTC put out late last year. And there’s nothing wrong with that — the HTC One A9 does look good — but it may not be what some of you were expecting.

With that, we also get word that the device will head to AT&T, but we imagine it’ll launch on every major US carrier like the previous phones in the lineup did. We certainly wouldn’t expect HTC to limit the phone to just 1 carrier if they’re trying to improve smartphone sales.

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