A photo of the Samsung Galaxy S7 inside a testing facility has leaked out


samsung galaxy s7 testing

We’ve only got a few weeks tops until Samsung finally takes the wraps off the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S7. With that, we’d expect the flood gates to open and all sorts of leaks to begin flowing around the net. After getting a glimpse at what is probably the front glass panel/bezel of the display a few weeks back, the device has finally been leaked in the wild. Well, the wilds of what appears to be a Samsung testing facility.

samsung galaxy s7 camera modules leak

It’s there a prototype version of the Galaxy S7 is being strapped down and likely undergoing testing for components compatibility and whatnot. In another photo, we see some of the new front facing camera modules that will be making their way to the device. At the top, SM-G930F is clearly displayed, the model number+regional designation for the device.

We’re not sure who took the photo, but hopefully the gold HTC One M8 they used to snap the pics isn’t so easily identifiable.

[via GSMArena]


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