Jan 20th, 2016

In London and looking to buy a OnePlus X or OnePlus 2 tomorrow? Well, you’re in luck. OnePlus is teaming up with Henchman to allow you to get your device within 60 minutes of ordering it. The delivery is free of charge, and if they take more than the advertised time they’ll even waive the entire cost of your order. Talk about a ballsy guarantee.

Henchman is an interesting little service in London that allows folks to get almost anything delivered to them within the hour. You tell them what you want and where they’re able to find it, and they’ll have it to your door in no time. Most folks seem to use the service for those sudden McDonald’s cravings, in which case you’re likely to satiate your appetite within 10 minutes without having to move an inch. Sounds like something us Americans would die for.

Anywho, the promotion lasts just 1 day, so be sure to take advantage if you had plans to buy the phone in the near future. Supplies are limited, and stock is replenished at 10am,12pm and 2pm. Head here to place your order for one.

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