Would you buy an accessory that turned your phone into a Galaxy Note? [POLL]


Samsung recently issued some patents showing an accessory that allowed for the docking of an S Pen stylus in the case itself. Some have suggested that the company could begin offering this S Pen cover for a myriad of devices, effectively allowing them to turn any old Android phone into a faux Galaxy Note.


I don’t believe we’ll see such a development that allows non-Galaxy smartphones to enjoy a Note-like experience by the grace of Samsung, but this could mean something more. What if Samsung were planning to re-engineer the Galaxy Note so that it doesn’t dock inside the device itself? The integrated device and stylus is sexy as hell, but we know it’s caused some Samsung users equally hellish problems.

Or it could mean nothing at all: Samsung files thousands of patents a year and only a small percentage of them are ever used, regardless of the company’s intentions.

Supposing you could buy an accessory that essentially turned your current Android Phone into one with Galaxy Note-like capabilities and features, and disregarding hardware limitations like the possible lack of digitizers, would you buy one?

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