HelloFresh serves up delicious recipes and even lets you order the ingredients to make them


I can’t be the only one to take a random stroll through recipe sites on hungry nights, only to find out that I’m not actually prepared or up to making any of it. I could just run over to the grocery store, of course, but I eventually fold and grab something out of the fridge that’s quick and easy (but half of the reason for that is because I’m a terrible cook).

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HelloFresh aims to end that. Their service, for which they finally released an Android app, offers up a collection of recipes thrown together by their own chefs. The meals are healthy, delicious, and — best of all — accessible. Here’s how it works:

  • Chefs prepare a menu every week and give you the full recipe.
  • You can look at the recipe and buy your own ingredients to give it a go, or…
  • If you’re a member, they’ll ship the ingredients for that week’s recipes in a big food box (which can be enough to feed just 1 person or up to 4 for several days per week).

The ingredients are bought fresh from your local grocery store, and they’ll even go through the trouble of sorting out portions. You can decide which recipes you want the ingredients for, and even choose to pause delivery in case you want to skip a week or 2. Meals are designed to be prepared in 5-6 easy steps and take no more than 30 minutes to cook, to boot.

Sound good to you? Download their Android app right here, and if it all looks good to you then consider signing up to receive one of those delicious looking boxes.

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