Google is testing nearby, trending and recent searches for Google Search


Google seems to be testing some new tweaks to their search app on Android. Several users have reported seeing a change in the search box when you initially open it. Instead of showing a list of your 5 most recent queries, the app now gives you the option to drill into your recent searches, searches about things nearby, or search terms that are trending.

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Clicking one of the options then brings up a short list of the top terms in those categories (for “nearby,” you’ll first get to choose the type of place you’re looking for, like gas stations or ATMs).

It all sounds really neat, but there’s just one problem: we’re not sure how to get it. It’s not clear whether this is a specific app update or if it’s something Google is pushing to users with a server side switch for testing. We checked the most recent version of the app ourselves and didn’t have these options, so it’s likely something we’ll have to wait for (and as you know, Google could test something for weeks or even a few months before deciding to seed it to everyone). Be sure to let us know if you’re seeing the changes on your side.

[via Reddit]

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