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Back in 2010, AT&T officially killed off unlimited mobile data plans. Nearly six years later, AT&T is bringing unlimited data back, but with a pretty big catch.

The new unlimited plan is offered as a bundle with U-Verse TV and the newly acquired DirecTV services. If you subscribe to either of those TV services, you can get the plan for $100 for a single phone. Additional lines cost $40 each. AT&T will also cut $10 off your DirecTV bill if you sign up for this new plan.

The only other way to currently get unlimited data from AT&T is to be on a grandfathered plan. Currently, those plans cost a measly $30, but in February AT&T is bumping them up to $35. The best deal for the new plan is to sign up with three other people. The fourth line is free, making the total plan cost $180 ($45 per person). Still not as good as the grandfathered plan, but at least there’s a new way to get unlimited data.

What do you think of AT&T’s new unlimited plan? Is it better than the T-Mobile Simple Choice unlimited plan?

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