Worms 4 comes to Android for $2.49


Worms fans have a very good reason to get excited today. Worms 4 is now available over at Google Play. It’s a $2.49 purchase, but what you’re getting is a death battle simulator between the most violent creepy crawlers you’ve ever seen.

worms 4

Worms 4 builds on the classic formula by adding new modes, weapons and locations. There are more than 80 missions, 5 different maps and the ability to customize your worms. There’s also one-on-one synchronous multiplayer, so you won’t have to be huddled beneath a screen to play against friends.

For what it’s worth, we’re not sure how long the $2.49 price will last. The previous titles all debuted and are still sitting at $4.99, so it’s possible this is a promotion price to celebrate the launch. Knowing that, be sure to take advantage fast before they potentially hike the price. Hit the play button above if you want to see some gameplay before jumping in.

Download Worms 4 at Google Play

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