Jan 6th, 2016

Not everyone can afford a flagship phone and not everyone wants one. If you thought the honor 5X was a bargain, how about these two ZTE devices that cost just $129 and $115?

The ZTE Grand X3 is only $129 on Cricket and despite its measly specs, it looks half decent. The same cannot be said for the cheaper ZTE AVID Plus which I’d place in the “avoid at all costs” category unless you’ve got no other options.

ZTE Grand X3


The Grand X3 features a 5.5-inch screen and while it does have an HD display, it’s only 720p resolution. It’s noticeably less clear than even a 1080p display, but still very useable. Bonus points come in the form of extra battery life and with the 3080 mAh battery this thing should conceivably last quite awhile. That’ll depend on how efficiently the 1.2 GHz quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM power the X3. Don’t expect much from the 8MP camera and your selfies will look like Minecraft considering the 2MP resolution on the front cam.



There isn’t much to say about the ZTE AVID Plus. The specs tell the story and this phone doesn’t look great with my CES goggles on either. Its got a 5-inch LCD display, 854 by 480 resolution, 5MP camera, only 1GB of RAM, and looks less appealing than the T-Mobile G1 (the first Android Phone ever created).

One nice feature that both devices have: MicroSD slots. So there’s that.

Bottom Line

If you’ve only got about $100 bucks to spend and want to buy a backup phone or device for your kids to use, you might have a winner in the ZTE Grand X3, but put that bill back in your pocket if you were thinking the AVID Plus is your cup of instant tea.

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