Rumored OnePlus 2 Mini gets TENAA certification revealing new details about handset



OnePlus is rumored to be following up their OnePlus 2 with a smaller version of its latest flagship, though new information revealed as part of its TENAA certification suggests it could be much larger than its Mini moniker suggests. Along with its approval, TENAA (the Chinese equivalent to the FCC) has given a fairly detailed outline of key specs relating to the OnePlus 2 Mini as it moves towards a 2016 launch.

Listed with a model number of E1000, the phone will indeed come in smaller than the standard OnePlus 2, but prospective owners will still get a device featuring a display just a hair under 5 inches and a frame measuring 6.9mm at its thickest. The 4.99-inch screen will offer Full HD resolution, and a Qualcomm 810 processor and 3GB RAM will handle the heavy lifting. Other interesting points of note found in the filing include 13MP and 8MP rear and selfie cameras, respectively, as well as expandable SD storage.

What the listing does not reveal? Specific release date, pricing, or OnePlus’ strategy in regards to launching their next smartphone. Those are questions we likely won’t see answered in the immediate future, but all indications are that the OnePlus 2 Mini will be available for purchase sometime during the first half of the new year.

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