Huawei gives glimpse of latest device set for CES announcement



Huawei is teasing fans with a peek at what could be their latest tablet ahead of an anticipated CES 2016 debut. In a post to their official Weibo account, the mobile device maker shared an image showcasing the thin profile of the mystery device along with the text “Rhythm X Entertainment.” The emphasis on the ‘X’ certainly lends some meat to rumors that the device in question will be the Huawei Honor X3 tablet.

From what we have heard about the Android 6.0 slate already, we can expect a compact 6.2-inch design housing a Kirin 950 processing suite. The display will push a 2K resolution. That should pair nicely with photos captured by the tab’s 20MP camera, if speculation turns out to be true. Also rumored are a beefy 4GB RAM and 64GB of internal storage.

Despite the Honor name, the tease suggests that the device will not launch as part of Huawei’s new honor brand. Hopefully we will get some clarity on the matter as we head into the company’s January 5th press event to kick off their CES showings. Huawei certainly looks to be going all-in at this years event.

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