This slick Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge concept could be mistaken for the Samsung Galaxy S6 [VIDEO]


Watch the video above and tell us: would you have guessed that was a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge if you weren’t told what it was? We don’t blame you if you would, because concept artist Jermaine Smit made sure he stuck to realism for his latest work.

This concept video doesn’t showcase some wild and whacky design from a dream. Instead, Smit decided to make it based on all the rumors and leaks we’ve heard so far. That’s why it looks almost exactly like a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, and we even had to double check to make sure the B-Roll footage in this video wasn’t lifted from Samsung themselves.

But you’ll notice things like a tweaked home button and the inclusion of a USB Type-C port as differentiating factors compared to Samsung’s 2015 phones. Otherwise, he did a remarkable job putting the render together, and we wouldn’t be surprised if Samsung gave him a call to join their marketing team because this is some very slick work. Interested in more? Be sure to check out his Behance profile right here for concepts about all sorts of smartphones and tablets.

Quentyn Kennemer
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