Official: Nexus 6P launches at Best Buy, and Special Edition is available in India


There were a couple of interesting Nexus 6P rumors early on that seem to have been confirmed over the past weekend. For starters, the Nexus 6P is now being listed at Best Buy for the same price you’ll find in the Google Store. It’s the unlocked 64GB model in Aluminum going for $499.99, and that comes with free 2-day shipping from the big box retailer. Other color and storage options weren’t yet available as of the time of this writing, but it’s possible the others will be added over time.

The other half of the previous rumor was that the Nexus 6P’s Special Edition — which boasted a golden color — would no longer be exclusive to Japan as it is being prepped for a US launch. Unfortunately part of that rumor is still untrue, but there’s a silver lining: while we have yet to hear anything on launch plans for the US, Huawei did confirm that the alternate option would launch in India.

Nexus 6p Special Edition Gold Japan

This leaves open the possibility that others will get a crack at the device at some point, so if you’re still adamant on waiting for its arrival then there’s no good reason to waver at this point. Stay tuned!

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