Toast’s real wood cover for the Nexus 6P took our breath away [HANDS-ON]


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Android devices — well the good ones, away — don’t come cheap. We all know this. And while there are plenty of cheap plastic or rubber cases on the market, most are bulky and/or seem to detract from the phone’s natural beauty, whichever device that may be. Should you be in the market for something a little more natural, Toast’s wood covers have you, well, covered.

More like a skin, Toast covers are made using real, laser-cut wood atop 3M adhesive that wraps around your phone (not just a single slab on the back). This means you get as much coverage as you would with a normal case, only with something a lot more premium and stylish. We already told you guys about the newly released covers for the Nexus 6P and after receiving one of our very own, decided to give you a hands-on look at the ebony “Inlay Series” cover.

Toast Nexus 6P wood skin DSC00489

First thing we noticed was, the case smelled amazing. Yes, folks. This is real wood. The regular case comes with a separate inlay color (of your choosing) for the visor up top, and pieces to cover the SIM tray, volume rocker, and power button. Since we chose the Toast’s “Inlay Series” (there are 3 different designs available), we also received cutouts in multiple colors for the Chevron design inserts. Toast also has etchings or custom text available for $5 more each, or a wood front panel for $10 extra should you want to go that route.

Applying the cover was easy enough — as long as you follow the directions — and although we goofed the first time, were able to peel the cover off very carefully for a second attempt. Trust us, you’ll want to avoid doing this a second time. Basically you’ll want to line up the side with the power button/volume rockers first, then pull around the rest of the phone. Once we were done, everything lined up perfectly. So perfect, in fact, that there’s little room for error — so apply carefully.

Toast Nexus 6P wood skin DSC00500

When all was said and done, we were completely amazed with the Toast cover on our Nexus 6P. One thing you’ll want to keep in mind when buying Toast on a different device is, should you need immediate access to the battery/micro SD card (LG G4 for example), you can always physically cut and separate the back portion using a simple X-Acto knife before applying.

UPDATE: Joe here – I have added a couple photos of the Ash skin for the Nexus 5X below.

If you like what you see here today, you can buy your own Toast cover over at Prices can fluctuate depending on the add-ons, but even with the base cover, we think you’re going to love it. Because we are only a few short days away from Christmas, those looking to receive a cover before the 25th will need to choose USPS Express, FedEx 2nd Day, or UPS 2nd Day to make sure it arrives on time.


  • Looks amazing
  • Feels great
  • Smells even better
  • Full body coverage
  • No rim to impede on the display


  • Semi-permanent (can’t remove on a whim)
  • A little challenging to apply perfectly
  • Adhesive around edges picks up a lot of debris
  • Not well-suited for devices with removable battery cover
  • Laser-cut lines can be an eyesore on lighter wood colors

Buy from Toast: Nexus 6P real wood cover ($35) | Inlay Series ($45)

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