Toast’s Nexus 6P wood covers are now available, mix and match inlays for a custom look


Nexus 6P Toast wood cover IMG_9719__08149.1447110702.800.800

The Nexus 6P is one great looking Android device and if you want to help keep it that way, you’re going to need to find some protection (it’s a tad on the slippery side). If you’re tired of the the usual cheap plastic or TPU cases, maybe it’s time to give wood a shot. No, we’re not talking about those faux wood vinyl covers. We’re talking real, laser-cut wood from Toast.

Nexus 6P Toast wood cover NX6P_PLA_03_I04_Detai1__33955.1447277162.800.800

Today, Toast’s Nexus 6P covers have finally gone live on their site they’re something those vinyl wraps just can’t match. The coolest part about the Nexus 6P covers is you can change the color of the inlay that protects the glass “visor” on the back for a look all their own. The base cover (back/sides) is priced at $35, while you can add a front panel for an additional $10. If you’re feeling really ambitious, you can even get it etched on the back either with one of Toast’s designs, or a custom message for $5 more.


The Nexus 6P covers come in walnut, ash, bamboo, and ebony, and same goes for the inlay if you want to switch things up. Play around with the design right now on their site. Covers officially start shipping tomorrow and if you’re looking for an original holiday gift, these are perfect (someone tell my gf, please).

Buy from Toast: Nexus 6P wood cover ($35)

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