Nexus 6P and 5X now $50-off on the Google Store with free overnight shipping


Nexus 6p 5x holiday promo

We already told you guys that the Nexus 6P isn’t just the best Nexus device we’ve ever had the pleasure of using, in our opinion, it’s the best Android Phone to date. Hopefully you didn’t buy the phone too long ago or you might be feeling a little burned right about now. Starting today, Google is marking down the price of both the Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X in the Google Store by $50. The best part, is they’re even including free overnight shipping so you get in time for Christmas.

That brings the price down to only $450 for the 32GB model, $500 for the 64GB, or $600 for 128GB with ample storage space. For the Nexus 5X, that brings it down to a more reasonable (but still a tad overpriced) $330 for the 16GB model or $370 for 32GB.

Google isn’t saying specifically when the sale will end, but we imagine it wont be available for long. For those that already purchased either phone less than 14 days ago, you’re still eligible for Google’s price protection and can contact Google Store support at (855) 836-3987 for a refund of the difference. For all others (like us), just find solace in the fact that you had the phone a few days earlier than most folks. *sigh*

Buy on the Google Store: Nexus 6P | Nexus 5X

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