Pushbullet finally lets you respond to group texts from PC


Ever been annoyed by the fact that you couldn’t respond to group texts from PC using Pushbullet? Thankfully the genius developers over yonder have finally figured out a way to make that happen.

pushbullet sms from pc

The latest Pushbullet update adds said functionality, which effectively means you can carry out entire individual or group text message conversations on your PC without having to touch your phone. There are a couple of caveats early on:

  • The app is awaiting approval for Safari, Firefox and Opera users, but those using the windows app, Google Chrome extension or the web app are good to go.
  • The feature requires Android 5.0 or higher.

But that’s all the headache you’ll have to deal with. Pushbullet was careful to note that replying to group texts will count toward your free message limit eventually, but as the feature is new they’re letting you test it out as much as you want leading up to January 1st. They’re even waiving the limit if you’ve already reached it this month, so go nuts!

Beyond that, the company also added a much-requested feature for the newly-launched remote file update: you can now specify which drive you want to browse. This is great for those who may have files sorted across different hard drives or system partitions.

Pushbullet says this is likely to be their last big update for 2015 as they prepare for the holidays, but we’d say there have been enough updates this year (and this month alone) to forgive a brief rest. Go ahead and grab the updates for your respective platforms right here.

[via Pushbullet]

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