Samsung could be looking to bring a major S Voice overhaul


Samsung’s S Voice seemed like an interesting answer to Siri… and then Google Now happened, and almost no one saw it as a viable alternative (especially since Google Now quickly surpassed Siri’s capabilities after launch). But a new rumor suggests they could be looking to revitalize it and push it as a major feature for the Samsung Galaxy S7’s launch.

s voice

The details aren’t plentiful right now, but Samsung will supposedly lean on the power of search (like Google Now) and “clever notifications” (perhaps like, well, Google Now’s notifications) to create a powerful virtual assistant experience.

Some might still be a bit apprehensive about using anything other than Google Now, but Samsung has a chance to create a unique experience with their implementation. For instance, they could offer access to stuff deeper within their firmware like changing system settings, or offer up voice-driven information about your Samsung Pay account.

One challenge Samsung has to hurdle is getting Google Now and S Voice to work side-by-side. The experience was never great when trying to use both, but if Samsung’s new implementation can live in harmony with Google Now people would certainly be more willing to embrace it.

[via SamMobile]

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