Official: HTC Vive pre-orders start February 2016


HTC has had to delay their exciting virtual reality headset — the HTC Vive — to April 2016, though the company isn’t apologizing for its slippage. The company addressed the delay in a blog post, where they state they feel it was the right decision to ensure they deliver a solid product over rushing an exciting idea to market. We have no qualms with that.

To go with that news, HTC has confirmed that pre-sales for the Vive will start February 2016. They say they’re fully committed to meeting that goal, and it sounds like they’re confident enough to carry out the full consumer launch just a couple of months later.


In the meantime, HTC says they’re continuing to refine the product and its SDK, and confirmed that more than 7,000 more developer units would be shipped out ahead of launch to give creators a head start on getting familiar with the platform and creating content in time for its eventual launch. Wondering what all the hubbub is about? Stuff like this should show you that HTC is doing much more with virtual reality than cool 360-degree video, and that’s reason enough to get excited for what’s ahead.

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