YouTube gets a trending videos tab, more transparent buffering information


Every other social platform in the world uses trends in some way, so why not YouTube? Well, it does now. Google introduced the change in their blog post about the YouTube Rewind 2015, a look at the most popular videos that spawned over the past year.

The trending tab is simple: it’s an ever-updating list of popular videos that the web is buzzing about at any given time. It’s a good way to get a glimpse at what’s “in,” whether it’s a viral comedy skit, an awesome song cover, or important news coverage about world events. It’s an awesome alternate discovery tool that ensures you’re never left in the dark. You’ll be able to find the tab on the YouTube website, as well as in the mobile apps following an update.

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Speaking of the mobile app, YouTube for Android seems to be getting a feature that’ll show you more information about a video’s buffering activity. Buffering is the act of bulk loading future portions of a video so you can get a seamless experience throughout its entirety. Sometimes videos don’t load fast enough for YouTube to play them uninterrupted, so there’s often a need to buffer mid-video.

This typically gives you a loading icon when it happens, but now YouTube will tell you exactly how much data is being buffered, and will tell you when the video is ready to resume playing. It probably won’t do anything to help whatever network issues may be causing the buffering in the first place, but at least you’ll know exactly how long it’ll be before you’ll get to enjoy the rest of your video. Be on the lookout for the changes in your YouTube apps as Google activates these features for the masses.

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