T-Mobile offers AT&T switchers 50% off accessories, including smart watches


T-Mobile’s latest incentive to get folks to switch to their network is aimed squarely at AT&T. Their latest promotion promises to net you up to 50% off qualifying accessories.

That doesn’t sound all that great if your idea of “accessories” is bound to cases, screen protectors and other such things, but T-Mobile’s specifically referring to pricier “financed” accessories like Bluetooth speakers and even smart watches. The company notes that they’ll honor the deal up to $125 in savings, which is still no small amount.

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Beyond that, the company is still offering up to $650 in ETF reimbursement for switching from your old carrier, so they make it really easy to switch if you’re worried about racking up fees. The accessories alone might not give you much reason to switch, but it’s yet another cog in a wheel full of perks and deals that makes it tempting to at least check their network out. The offer starts today and goes through December 13th, so don’t take long to decide whether you want to leave Ma Bell and experience life on Magenta’s side of the fence.

[via T-Mobile]

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