Android app emulator Bluestacks brings multitasking, mimics mobile devices in latest update


Bluestacks has announced a big new upgrade for their desktop Android app emulator. It’s Bluestacks 2, and there is enough here to get very excited for. One of the biggest changes to the emulator — which lets you use Android apps on your PC — is the ability to have multiple apps open and running at the same time. The apps open in a web browser-like interface with tabs, so switching between apps is fluid and seamless.

bluestacks app player

Beyond that, they’re adding more controls to make it easier to mimic an actual smartphone for those apps which might need certain features or work better in different orientations. You can simply tap a button to set location, shake the screen, adjust volume and more. This should lead to much better app compatibility for apps which might need some of these elements or quirky tricks.

With that, Bluestacks also announced that their platform has been used by over 100 million people to emulate over 1 billion apps. Those aren’t small numbers, so the company is going full steam ahead on making it an even better experience than it already is. Give it a download here and try it out if you’re curious.

[via Bluestacks]

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