OnePlus announces an iPhone case that comes with a OnePlus X invite when you buy one


Of all the things OnePlus could look to manufacture and announce, they’ve decided an iPhone case was the next logical step. This case gives you a nice OnePlus flair to an iPhone 6/6S in the company’s trademark Sandstone Black material. No, it’s not April Fools and you’re not being deluded — this is an actual iPhone case that you can buy.

oneplus iphone case

Buying said case, which will take $19.99 out of your pocket, does come with a bit of a bonus — you’ll get an invite to buy the OnePlus X. We’re not sure that’s worth the $20 cost of admission, but it could be a nice way to snag an invite if you’re having trouble in the early going.

What to do with the case? That’s another tricky situation on its own. We imagine OnePlus hopes you’ll gift the case to an iPhone user and persuade them to convert to the land of the ‘droids (they’re hoping some light #NeverSettle marketing on it will help spur interest), but we wouldn’t be surprised if many of these cases end up being turned into table coasters.

One last thing: a tiny amount of these cases will come with a “super” invite that’ll get you the phone for free. Not a bad promotion even if there’s a cost to taking part.

[via OnePlus]

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