You can now gift Google Play credit on the Play Store


Google Play gifts

After a recent Google Play Store teardown tipped off new features headed to Android users, today Google is finally allowing anyone with access to a web browser to gift Google Play credit online. It’s only available in the US and there are some restrictions on how you can send money.

For instance, you can’t use your own Google Play credit to send to someone else, with real money from your actual credit card or PayPal being your only options. Sending credit is done via email, with the option to include a special message should you feel so inclined.

There’s also the ability to add Google Play credit to your own account, which may sound odd right now, but could come in handy once/if Google rolls out that family sharing feature in the future. To get started, hit up the link down below and start sending Google Play credit the easy way.

[Google Play gifts]

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