Deal: SanDisk 200GB microSD card is $99 at Amazon


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Yesterday we told you guys about a big deal on SanDisk memory at Amazon, but it appears the company had to hold back one deal that was too good to jumble in with the rest of them. The 200GB microSD card — which was around $150 — is now $99 today. That’s a steep discount over its original price tag of $250.

200GB of storage was once unheard of for such a tiny card, but strides in technology and engineering have allowed SanDisk to stretch the boundaries we once thought existed. 200GB might even seem tiny 10 years from now, but there’s not a larger capacity microSD card that you can buy today, and it probably works with the smartphone you have in your pocket. Be sure to grab one soon before the price goes back up or Amazon runs out of stock, both scenarios which might not take long to come to fruition.

Quentyn Kennemer
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