Nov 17th, 2015 publishUpdated   Sep 12th, 2021, 2:07 pm

Moto Hint ear

Seems Google could have more than a few wearables planned for 2016. Detailed in a new report from The Information, the team now responsible for resurrecting Google Glass — now known as Project Aura — could be working on a few new wearable devices, one of which that won’t feature the iconic “glass” prism display. Suddenly the move away from the “Google Glass” name is making a little more sense.

Apparently the Project Aura team has been hard at work on three such wearables, but may have consolidated them down to just two. One of these devices is said to feature the traditional “glass” HUD display for enterprise users, while the other, aimed at the active or “sport” crowd, will drop the display in favor of a purely auditory experience (last year’s Motorola’s Moto Hint immediately comes to mind). Apparently Google was able to snatch up a few audio experts from Amazon to help flesh things out. For more on what you can see, say, and hear on Google Glass, check out our initial walkthrough from 3 years ago here.

Don’t think you’ll be waiting another couple of years for these devices to manifest themselves. With Nest’s Tony Fadell overseeing the project, apparently the Aura team is gunning for a release sometime next year. Let’s just hope they’re a little more affordable than the previous generation.

[The Information]

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