Motorola kicks off a new ad campaign with Ashton Kutcher at the center of it [VIDEO]


Now that Motorola has gotten most of their 2015 phones out of the door, it’s time to start advertising them! The company has kicked off a new marketing campaign called #PhoneLove. It features a series of ads where folks are given a choice: would you rather be without your phone or something else more important? Some folks featured in the campaign went as far as saying they’d rather spend a holiday without their family than their phone. Addiction is a powerful thing, folks.

The campaign is being headlined by an interesting skit done by Ashton Kutcher, to boot. Embedded above, the 1:25 video puts unsuspecting individuals into a chamber where they’re told some vital reading is happening and they are asked not to move their hands off the “sensors” (which are totally fake if you haven’t guessed). What’s really happening is that they’re looking to see how long it takes before someone cracks and moves their hands to check their buzzing phone.

Here’s another experiment where people are hooked up to a lie detector test in order to see how far they’d go to protect their phone. Kutcher presents a list of whacky scenarios like “you would rather use a toothbrush after it dropped into a toilet than drop your phone.” If the person lies, their phone gets dropped onto a mean slab of rock.

The phones aren’t actually theirs — Motorola isn’t that cruel — but the stunt does prove their point quite nicely. And, of course, they used that as the perfect segue into boasting about the DROID Turbo 2 (our review is coming soon, but see our hands-on here) which offers the world’s first shatterproof display.

Motorola’s schtick here is that you deserve a phone that’s just as much “in love” with you as you are with it, and that the phone can tell you what’s going on without you even having to touch it. It’s also possible there’s some weird metaphor for showing affectionate love to smartphones being peddled here — anything’s possible when Kutcher’s involved. Check out all the videos above and below.

Oh, and here’s a bonus video of Motorola showing off the making of their new bootloader animation.

[via Motorola]

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