This could be our first look at wrist straps for the Tag Heuer Android Wear watch


We still don’t know a ton about the Tag Heuer smart watch, save for the fact that it’ll cost $1,800, run Android Wear and be powered by an Intel chipset. There are still 4 days to go before Tag Heuer is set to fully unveil the thing, but we may have gotten our first look at wrist straps for it.

tag heuer straps wm

An anonymous tipster forwarded this shot along showing an assortment of wrist straps in bright and vivid colors. To be honest, they looked a little off to us at first — they come off as something you’d find on a $20 children’s watch versus an $1,800 timepiece. That said, there’s reason to believe these may be legit.

For starters, the tease Tag Heuer released earlier does appear to show a similar wrist strap. If you notice on the left in the image below, there are profound holes throughout the strap not unlike the ones you see in the leaked photo. We can also see that a majority of the surface area is thicker than the bezels on the strap, something also reflected in the leaked image.

Tag Heuer Android Wear Intel teaser

One last interesting bit of evidence comes from the part numbers found on the various straps in the image. Some quick research on the numbers bring up empty product pages on Tag Heuer’s website, though they don’t tell us much of anything. We took the sub-number “SAR8A80” found on a number of those pages and found that they consistently point to an FCC listing for an Intel smart watch. Those connections can’t be totally coincidental.

So, would Tag Heuer really release an $1,800 smart watch with these types of straps as standard? They’d catch enough heat to melt your face off. But no one ever said Tag Heuer couldn’t offer affordable versions of their smart watch, either.

Unfortunately it’s tough to say for certain whether these are 100% meant for use on Tag Heuer’s forthcoming smart watch, but with just 4 days to find out it won’t be too long of a wait before we know for ourselves.

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