Mark Zuckerberg shows off Facebook’s artificial intelligence research [VIDEO]


Facebook AI Research

Even though Facebook isn’t quite ready to start building self-driving cars (yet), that doesn’t mean the social network giant isn’t actively working on other exciting new technologies. In a post shared to Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook profile today, ‘ol Zucks showed off a video detailing the company’s work on artificial intelligence, specifically relating to machines that can identify the world around them.

In the short video, Facebook’s AI software was able to identify objects, items, and things as they appeared in photos. It’s not too far off from the work we’ve seen Google do with services like Google Photos, but Facebook AI Research seems to be going a different route with it, using the technology to help disabled people “see” what’s in a photo with software that speaks it to them. This isn’t only helpful if you’re blind, but you can see where this will eventually lead to, be it self-driving cars, Roombas, or robots.

I’m inspired by this video about our artificial intelligence research at Facebook.Our AI can now look at a photo, figure out what’s in it and help explain it to you. This is especially helpful if you’re blind or can’t see the photo. We see AI as helping computers better understand the world — so they can be more helpful to people.We’re still early with this technology, and you can already start to imagine how helpful it will be in the future.

Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Tuesday, November 3, 2015

While new technology like this can be scary, Facebook sees it as yet another way future tech will be more helpful to people and likens it to the automobiles that will augment our life, not take over it. Yeah, try telling Sarah Conner that.

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