OnePlus introduces an all-inclusive protection plan for their phones


OnePlus today announced a new protection plan for those whose OnePlus phones might need to be cared for soon. It’s called On-Guard, and it’s simple: you pay money, you get coverage. Whether it’s a drop, spill or a mechanical malfunction, OnePlus will service your device for up to 1 or 2 years, no matter where you are and no matter who you are.

oneplus on-guard

There’s a price for such luxuries, of course. €39.99 will get you 12 months of coverage, while 24 months comes in at €64.99. Those are the prices for everyone in the European Union, whose insurance needs will be handled in partnership with leading provider SimpleSurance. Those in India will get service through B2X, which OnePlus revealed a couple of weeks ago.

As for those of us in North America, OnePlus didn’t yet have details to share about On-Guard pricing and availability, though they suggest they’re partnering with “an esteemed brand” to get things rolling soon.

We’d like to guess that brand is SquareTrade, who offers warranty coverage to anyone interested on most new electronics. We’ll have to wait for the full details to see what, exactly, is in-store,  but hopefully this makes the decision to purchase a OnePlus device that much easier for those who haven’t been scared away by the company’s unorthodox approach to smartphone sales.

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