Buy a Nexus 6P and Huawei Watch together and get $50 off your total purchase [DEALS]


Nexus 6P Huawei Watch 50 dollar promo

Although Google recently stocked a few more Nexus 6Ps in the Google Store last week, there are still other options for those looking to get a deal on the phone. For instance, you could always buy the phone directly from the manufacturer — Huawei — via their online web store. Why? Well, aside from financing options, they’re offering up a new promotion that could save you some money in the process.

The catch? You’ll need to actually pick up the recently released Huawei Watch while you’re at it. The deal gets you $50 off the total purchase — around $850 — and whether that’s $50 off the watch, smartphone, or $25 off both doesn’t matter much. It all amounts to one thing: money saved.

The discount is applied automatically when both are placed into the cart, so don’t worry about messing around with any sort of promo codes. Keep in mind that shipping dates for the Nexus 6P are currently showing early to mid-December, so that’s something to consider before committing to buy. Link provided below for all those interested.

[Huawei Promotions]

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