Humble Mobile Bundle 16 offers up another round of fun Android games for dirt cheap


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It’s gotten to the point where the only games we ever end up buying for our Android devices are those made available through Humble Bundle. That being said, today a new bundle is now live — Humble Mobile Bundle 16 — and once again, we’re seeing another round of great games being offered up for charity.

The way it works is you only have to pay a single buck to unlock 3 great games, and pay more than the average (a portion of the proceeds get donated to charity) to gain an additional 3 titles. Here’s what’s being offered:

Humble Bundle 16

More than the average to unlock…

Right now, the average is hovering around the $4 mark and could go down or up based on donations. As always, this bundle will only be available for the next few weeks, so don’t wait too long before jumping on it (unless you want to see what other games will be added in the coming days).

[Humble Mobile Bundle 16]

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