Google is developing a system to detect if you’re a driver or passenger


google car patent

Smartwatches and other wearables are awesome, but they can be distracting. Once you get used to wearing a smartwatch, looking at your wrist when you feel a buzz becomes instinctual. In most situations it’s better than pulling your phone out of your pocket, but it’s still a distraction. One place where these distractions can cause the most harm is in a car. Google is hoping to solve this problem.

Google has recently patented a system that can detect whether a wearable user is driving a vehicle or simply a passenger. The system detects if you’re a driver by your location in the vehicle and motion detection. If your smartwatch detects that you’re turning a steering wheel or shifting gears, it can disable certain distracting notifications. Keeping your eyes on the road instead of your watch.

Android Auto is another way that Google is attempting to make gadgets safer on the road. When your phone is connected to Android Auto you can’t pick it up and try to use it while driving. We’re glad Google is taking this seriously. Distracted driving is a huge problem. Mobile devices became popular so quickly that many aspects of the world haven’t had time to adjust. Hopefully more companies will start thinking about how we interact with devices in vehicles.

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[via AP]

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