OnePlus is closing the OnePlus 2 reservation list after October 22nd


OnePlus is probably just as sick of wondering where your OnePlus 2 invites as you are, so they’re doing something about it. The company has announced the closure of the OnePlus 2 reservation list. It’ll stay up through October 22nd, after which you’ll no longer be able to throw your name into the hat.

OnePlus 2 DSC09856

OnePlus says they’ve amassed over 5 million reservations since the list first opened up. Their goal is to get invites to every person who signed up in the order in which they signed up, so you can see why they wish to cut it off at some point. It becomes even more apparent when you consider they had early troubles getting invites out to those who signed up early on.

That said, OnePlus says the reservation list won’t be the last and only way to get an invite in the future. There’ll be contests, of course, and those who buy a OnePlus 2 will eventually get invites that they can share with friends and family (or random Redditors, whatever floats your boat). OnePlus also showed they won’t always default to invites as they’d hosted an open sale opportunity last week. Fingers crossed that they can get these invites dished out in a more timely fashion from here on out.

[via OnePlus]

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