Someone removed the color from the Galaxy Note 5 back cover and gave it a see-through 90’s look


Samsung Galaxy DIY clear back cover 5 SbQjVMV

Even with the wide range of color options available to Samsung Galaxy users, sometimes you just gotta do your own thing. In a quick DIY project that has us feeling nostalgic for the 90’s, one Reddit user was able to remove all the color from his Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Samsung Galaxy S6 back cover, leaving the phones with a crystal clear view of the internals. It’s pretty rad and apparently super easy. According to the Tulsa Oklahoma native who works as a Sprint tech, all it took was removing the colored film from the inside of the glass and voila — you’ll have a totally bodacious custom Galaxy whatever.

The process starts off easy enough, with a little heat from a hair dryer to loosen the glue and a plunger tool to remove the back cover. From there, he used a razor to lift up the edge of the colored film located on the inside of the glass, peeled it off, and stuck the clear glass cover back on. The coolest part is once the film is removed, you can actually spray paint the inside with whatever color you like or use a matte spray for that clear Game Boy look. Heck, you can even cut out some comics like we did in our custom DIY case a few years back and insert them before slapping the cover back on.

Keep in mind that although not pictured, you’ll probably need to use a little adhesive to keep the back from falling off. That might not look as clean as pictured above. But if you’re looking for a neat little DIY project, feel free to give this a go over the weekend and maybe post some results. Maybe a little stain and matte finish would give the phone that Atomic Purple look. Oh, and yeah… this is probably going to void your warranty.



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