Motorola’s Email app hits Google Play, accidentally shows screenshots from unannounced DROID MAXX 2


Motorola email app update droid maxx 2

Motorola has just introduced their email app — which can be found pre-installed on most Moto devices — in the Google Play Store. The app looks nearly identical to the current Gmail app (which also handles other email accounts) only with more blue a few new additions that include:

  • Disable sync while roaming
  • Progressive search capability for emails
  • Attach pictures from Camera in composer
  • Notifications for attachment download failures/cancellations
  • New option “Select All” for email operations
  • Customize peak time sync schedule
  • New option to choose number of emails to sync for POP account
  • New safe way of communicating with Google Gmail server using OAuth 2.0
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.

But that’s not even the important part. In the apps screenshots, Motorola accidentally included a few from the still unannounced Motorola Droid Maxx 2. The device’s name can be found in the signature, although it appears Motorola was quick to remove them. If you needed further confirmation that the Maxx 2 will be one of the few new Droids Motorola and Verizon are planning to announce at their October 27th event, there you have it.

[Download on Google Play: Moto Email]

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