OnePlus is offering their high-quality reversible USB Type-C cable for dirt cheap


If you were one of the few who jumped on either the new Nexus 5X or Nexus 6P, you’re probably going to want to invest in a few extra USB Type-C cables. While you can find plenty of them from the usual places (Monoprice, Amazon), they’re still fairly more expensive than you’d normally pay for their micro USB equivalents. It’s a good thing OnePlus is now selling their reversible USB Type-C cables for dirt cheap, and you don’t even need an invite.

There are two lengths available: a 100cm version (about 3 feet) for $5.50, and a little longer 150cm (about 5 feet) one for $7. The cables are extremely high quality with a fettuccine noodle like tangle-free design. The best part? The cables are reversible on both ends, so you’ll never have to wonder which way is up no matter where you’re plugging in.

OnePlus also accepts PayPal on their site, making this a near impulse buy. With $5 shipping, you may want to stock up on more than just one.

[Buy from OnePlus: USB Type-C cable]


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